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Faith Temple Missionary Baptist Church

Our daily motto is, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me", Philippians 4:13, and we encourage you to keep these words of this empowering scripture close to your heart.



The purpose of this organization is to enhance spirituality, promote personal/social development, inspire ethical behavior/professionalism, encourage creativity, and teach proper etiquette.



The members of this organization range from ages 7 through 21. Our young adult mentors range from ages 22 through 25. Each member must display exceptional behavior at home, school, and church. Members are also required to maintaing a certain grade point average while participating in this organization. Furthermore, members are required to participate in quarterly workshops on various topics. Monthly, all members are required to wear their uniforms and participate in a full worship service. Community service/volunteer work is an essential component of this organization and all members are rewarded community service hours for their commitment to serve the community, various churches, and others.



The eight jewels are the central focal point of this organization and each member is required to perform the following:

  • Seek out mentors
  • Design a master plan
  • Neutralize the weapons of mass destruction
  • Build a personal development library
  • Seize the opportunity
  • Listen to their inner voice
  • Establish smart goals
  • Discover their purpose



Educational activities are awarded to the members of this organization which include visiting museums/exhibits/galleries, participating in new experiences (such as camping, ice skating, golfing, etc.) and enjoying innovative /enlightening amusement parks (such as Animal Kingdom, Epcot, etc.).



Monetary scholarships are provided to our members upon graduation from high school and/or college. These scholarships are funded by fundraisers, members of Faith Temple Missionary Baptist Church, and various donors.

Stepping Forward consists of, but is not limited to:


Child care, job training, job placement, land acquisition housing, employment, literacy, mentoring, counseling, temporary shelter, teenage pregnancy, substance abuse awareness, tutoring, AIDS, health and fitness, elderly care, and other programs to aid those in need.

Tax Credit for Donations Form
Your donations towards this exciting program is needed and welcomed. Please contact the church to find out how you can donate.
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Faith Temple M.B. Church

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